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Basement Theater w/ Drop Down Screen



In this multi-purpose room, a 100" drop down screen was installed for dedicated movie watching and a 60" flat panel was installed for video gaming/casual TV watching.

A single button from a keypad will turn a movie on for viewing, turn on the customer's favorite Pandora station, or turn the entire room off. When a movie is selected, the impressive 100" screen automatically drops down from a hidden cavity and lights dim to create the ideal environment for movie watching. The majority of the basement has lighting control, so the stairs and accent lighting are also dimmed to ensure the walk way is still visible but will not distract the audience from the movie.

A one touch remote control or a mobile phone / tablet easily controls all the functions of the room, while the equipment is located in a rack in the nearby utility closet. The custom built-in cabinet provide storage for the children's video games.

The 5.2 surround sound system includes 4 in-wall speakers painted to match the interior walls, one in-wall dual 8" subwoofer, one in-room center, and a 15" in-room subwoofer for those super low notes. Episode 900 series speakers were selected in part for the ribbon tweeters to better control the direction and reducing unwanted reflection in the relatively small space.

Also, this room was acoustically treated to ensure the adjoining children's bedroom would not be disturbed when movies were played during bedtime hours.

Key Services

  • Home Theater Design & Installation
  • Acoustical Isolation
  • Lighting Control
  • Control System
  • Satellite TV

Key Products

  • JVC DLA Projector
  • Stewart Drop Down Screen
  • Panasonic Flat Panel
  • Control 4 Lighting and Automation
  • Episode Speakers
  • Denon A/V Receiver
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