KS Care


Avoid Service Call Fees, Improve System Reliability, and Security with KS CARE

Personalized, Proactive Support and Priority Service for Your Busy Life.

Just like buying a new car, truck or SUV, that vehicle will last longer and perform at a higher level if you change the oil regularly and have it regularly serviced. By utilizing the industry’s latest remote servicing technology, our staff can investigate and fix common problems without needing to disrupt your day to meet you at your home to have a technician solve your issue. From courtesy calls to update firmware to remote problem-solving, our goal with KS Care is to prevent unnecessary truck-rolls to handle minor issues with your system that can cause large headaches for you, our valued customer.

With service plans starting at ONLY $299 a year, you cannot afford to be without KS Care today, tomorrow and for the future.

KS Care
(recommended for small installations with a KSAV managed network)
KS Care 24/7
(recommended for installations over $10,000)
KS Care 24/7 VIP
(recommended for installations over $25,000)
  • Personalized Mobile App for basic system resets
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Remote Software and Firmware Updates
  • Remote Reboots and Troubleshooting
  • Does not include support after normal business hours, weekends or holidays
  • 24/7 chat, text and email support
  • Remote support for Control 4, most devices connected and managed by OVRC
  • Plus KS Care standard services
  • 24/7 phone, chat, text and email support
  • Proactive System Monitoring
  • Plus all other KS Care services
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OvrC Pro

  • Internet Speed Trends and Performance Monitoring - OvrC Pro with the installed Pro Hub allows technicians to run speed tests on your network and monitor performance over time to identify any concerning trends to better identify potential networking issues.
  • Scan & Monitor Devices - Once installed, the OvrC Hub automatically finds all IP devices on the network, relaying relevant device information to OvrC and regularly checking their online status.
  • Advanced Remote Access Devices - The Hub automatically scans the ports and services available on devices and makes them accessible to technicians to assist with remotely servicing common issues.
  • Lifetime Pro License - No recurring licensing fees for using the features.
  • Access to OvrC Home App!

Virtual Service Calls

  • Avoid Trip Charge Fees
  • Shorter Turn-around Times and Faster Service
  • Increased Scheduling Options and Flexibility
  • Personal FaceTime and Remote Desktop Sharing Solutions.
  • TeamViewer can be found here: https://www.teamviewer.com/en-us/

OvrC Home

  • Convenient - OvrC Home is a new App that allows you to fix certain issues with the touch of a button without ever having to contact support.
  • Customizable - With more OvrC enabled devices in any home or business, this App can be used to reset multiple devices in specific sequences to properly restart complex systems or it can be customized to handle minor fixes and reboots with conveniently labeled buttons.
  • Easily Accessible Contacts for Support - This App was designed to help the customer. However, if there is an issue which is beyond what the App can be used to handle, there is an easy way to contact support through the App via email.
  • Great for Families - Multiple people can be OvrC Home App users in the same house, that way everyone has access to the simple tools available to fix the most common issues.
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